Not only can podcasts provide you with a creative outlet, but they can also help you meet new and interesting people and show yourself as an expert in your field.

At SwissDuck, we offer a the ability to get your company on the podcast map without having to be an expert in electronics. Podcasts’ rising popularity isn’t surprising. They’re a great way to consume information without requiring much effort. You can listen to them while running, commuting, or studying.

But have you ever thought about starting your own podcast? If you haven’t, you might want to consider changing your mind. Here are several reasons why you should start your own podcast.

1. Stand Out When People Search your Industry

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These days, there are hundreds of competitors in your field. Gone are the days where word of mouth alone is enough; you need to think of alternative ways to stand out. The bigger your online presence is, the more you will be found and instantly trusted as a business. Podcasts are a huge contributing factor to this.

Starting your own podcast is an excellent way to distinguish your business from everyone else. When customers can hear your voice, you add more of a personal touch. Moreover, you’ll show that you’re genuinely an expert in your field and willing to think outside the box.

Plus, you’ll automatically become more memorable. Very few (if any) other business’ in your field will have gone through the effort of creating a podcast.

2. Educate your Customers

Creating a podcast with friends

Your business has multiple audiences that contribute to its success and each one needs tailored learning. Extend your network, enable collaboration and drive revenue. Extend value to partners and customers. Engage your customers with product resources and certify your channel partners on what they need for success. Train association members. Provide ongoing education and development opportunities for members of your professional association.

You can use a podcast to easily provide self-service training to boost customer satisfaction and retention. This will Keep your customers and partners engaged!

One way to connect with your audience is to share Real-life 
success stories from Cornerstone customers!

3. (Potentially) Monetize Your Content Later

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You might struggle to explain what “I’m a podcaster” means when somebody asks what you do. But believe it or not, making a side money from your show is an attainable long-term goal.

Many people have managed to make a living from their podcasts. Some ways they make money include sponsorship deals and fan donations. And even if you don’t make enough money from the show alone, you could add an extra revenue stream alongside your job or business ownership.

Of course, you shouldn’t get into podcasting for the money alone. Getting into such a position takes years of commitment and is by no means guaranteed. But if you’re genuinely interested in making podcasts, keep that at the back of your mind.

4. Start an Interesting Side-Project

Podcasting in a studio

If you don’t want to make money from podcasting, that’s fine as well. Though modern society likes to tell us that you must blindly follow your passions, not everyone wants to do that. After all, turning your creative endeavors into a job comes with numerous added pressures.

Don’t feel like you shouldn’t start a podcast because you don’t want to make money from it, though. At the very least, you can launch your show as an exciting side project. By doing so, you’ll have both a creative outlet and something to look forward to each week.

5. Learn New Skills

Using podcast software

One benefit of picking up new hobbies is that we also learn new skills. While podcasting will, of course, teach you how to create and run a show, you’ll also indirectly pick up other handy skills.

You’ll become a better communicator, which can help in meetings and presentations. You’ll also acquire numerous direct skills from podcasting. Running your own show will help you get better at recording audio, and could also increase your proficiency in editing software.

Podcasting will also help you write more succinctly. You could also learn how to use video platforms like YouTube, should you choose to upload your episodes there.

6. Showcase Your Expertise in a Particular Field

people sitting around talking on a podcast show

Demonstrating that you have knowledge in a particular field is essential for getting your peers and customers to trust you. That applies to all walks of life, whether you’re applying to a university, searching for a full-time job, or you’re self-employed.

Podcasting helps you show that you practice what you preach in a way that your website or social media pages alone will not. Running a podcast allows you to talk in-depth about your areas of expertise and demonstrate that you know how to research correctly.

While you can use podcasts as part of your portfolio, you might also find that people you want to collaborate with will eventually come to you.

7. Connect With Like-Minded People

Two people doing a podcast together

If you’re interested in a niche topic, you’re probably aware of what it’s like to feel that nobody can relate to you. This is especially true if you live in a small town or far away from where the hub of your interests is.

Fortunately, the existence of technology means that connecting with people similar to us has never been easier. And creating a podcast is a great way to attract new friends who enjoy the same things that you do.

When you publish podcasts related to topics you’re interested in, you’ll naturally find listeners with similar interests. Moreover, you’ll meet others who want to collaborate with you—and with whom you can bounce ideas off.

Hop on the Mic and Have Some Fun

The popularity of podcasting is evident in how seriously both Spotify and Apple are taking the medium. There plenty of reasons to jump on the bandwagon and start creating your own unique content.

Hosting a podcast show could open the door to multiple opportunities. Beyond making it your an opportunity to reach your customers in a different way, you could also network with exciting people.

When it comes to creating Podcasts, SwissDuck has you covered! Get a quote today by calling our customer success team toll free at 440.502.8686 or visit us online at

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